5 Tips For Contractors Looking For Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a contractor involved in the sustainability industry then you are no stranger to phone call from solicitors looking to sell you leads or drive more traffic to your website. It seems to have become a cottage industry really. It’s not uncommon for contractors to get more than a dozen calls per week from these types of solicitors. For some businesses these calls are nothing more than a nuance, they have enough business to keep them more than busy already and don’t need to be bothered by people selling leads; those are fortunate ones. Many other businesses really do need more phone calls and more work. So it’s tempting for them to signup with these lead generation or SEO businesses. The problem for these businesses in the second group is that they just don’t know who to trust or what the red flags to look for are.

We asked an experienced Internet marketer, Nate Meyer of Big League Search an SEO company for a few tips for contractors looking to hire somebody to do search engine optimization for their website. Without further a due, there are 5 questions to ask to avoid shady SEO providers,

Question #1: Are there setup fees when getting started with your company? The answer should no. at Big League we roll any startup costs we have on our end into our first months service. The first month is all about keyword research, evaluating you’re completion. Getting your on-page SEO setup correctly. There shouldn’t be any extra large fee in the first month just for signing up.

Question #2: What kind of reporting will I receive? If they aren’t willing to send you at a minimum, monthly reports or if they want you to pay extra for reporting they I would look elsewhere. Every SEO company should be tracking your keywords though a service like Agency Analytics or Pro Rank Tracker, even if they use another service they will have some option for automated reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Question #3: Will I have access to Google Analytics or Google Search Console? If you’re not familiar¬†with these Google services, they are free analytics tools that help you understand your traffic and your site health. If you don’t have them setup already and don’t want to do it yourself you’re SEO company should be able to do this for you under your own account. You want access to them even if you don’t work with them forever so if they want to set them up under there account, that’s a red flag!

Question #4: What is the time line for getting on the first page? Some companies will guarantee you rankings in just a month or two. Be very suspicious of these people because changes are they don’t know what they are talking about. If they don’t know what your website is or what keywords you are targeting there is no chance they can give you an accurate timeline for rankings.

Question #5: How much is this going to cost? The truth is that in SEO there is one size fits all solution to ranking your website. It depends on the health of your site, how difficult the competition is for your keywords and how strong your competitors are. If you’re a lawyer in a big city, get ready to pony up some money because ranking you on the first is going to be neither cheap or easy. If the deal you’re being offered seems to good to believe, it probably is. Cheap SEO tactics not only don’t work but they can get your site penalized.