air stripping servicesEverywhere there is wastewater. It is all around us from the water running down the shower drain to the runoff that comes from wet roads. Without a doubt, this is a byproduct of the modern lifestyle. Some of the biggest producers of wastewater are from industrial and agricultural sources. These can have a significant impact on our environment and ultimately our health. Wastewater is produced from construction. It can occur as a result of petroleum spillage or from manufacturing processes. Air stripping is one of the way to treat wastewater.

Natural Bodies of Water

There is no doubt that both fresh and saltwater sources are contaminated on a daily basis by untreated wastewater. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage from household and industrial sources end up in the country’s water supply each year. If we compute that it is equivalent to 3.28 billion gallons per day. The result is an unsafe and unhealthy environment that we leave to the next generation. This is where wastewater treatment comes in.

Groundwater and Water Tables

Wastewater needing air stripping technologyDue to the unfettered abuse of our finite water sources, many parts of the country and the world in general are suffering from a lack of clean potable water. When wastewater is discharged on dry lands, they can easily seep into the underground water tables and precious well sources. The fact that we need to draw from these water sources for our needs as well as to recharge above ground sources, it can have disastrous outcomes for future generations if left unabated.

Natural Ecosystems

Each ecosystem relies heavily on water. If water is contaminated by chemicals like volatile organic compounds, sewage or any other man-made waste product, those ecosystems will not have a chance to survive. Surface and underground water sources are tied intrinsically to one another, wanton and reckless disregard to waste disposal and wastewater treatment will result in a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Air Stripping Technology

Air stripping as part of treatment for wastewaterNormally municipal water treatment facilities are tasked to clean contaminated water. However, for industrial or construction wastewater a technology such as Carbonair Air Stripping Sevices that can remove 99.9% of contaminants is the go-to approach. Air stripping technology is used for water decontamination in drinking water facilities, factories, waste cleanup sites and anywhere practically where contaminated water is seen. Air strippers work by removing harmful volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. Using air strippers allow for the elimination of having to move the contaminated water to processing facilities as the decontamination is done on-site. There is also zero chance for the contaminated water to get in contact with the decontaminated water during the cleanup process. Up to 99% of pollutants can be removed via the process.